Ematic + Amplitude

Empower your teams with self-service insight into what bets to make, what features and customer actions lead to outcomes and where to double down.

Our Partnership

Amplitude is the analytics solution used by the most valuable companies and disruptive teams to understand and personalize their digital products, and optimize the business value of product innovation. It’s the analytics solution built to meet the needs of modern product and growth teams, with real-time analytics, cross-platform tracking, powerful behavioral analytics and Enterprise-level security and customer support.

Through this partnership, the Ematic team ensures that companies are getting the most favorable deal, help arrange a demo, source, consult, and provide technical and strategic support to ensure maximum adoption.

Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude analytics allow you to gain understanding, exploring, learning and predicting data in your digital products to support your business. Amplitude analytics enables you to explore:

• Behavioural data
• Tracking engagement data
• Monitoring for change in data performance
• Analyze digital journey from multiple devices
• Identify retention & conversion drivers
• Predict future outcomes


Amplitude Recommends

A recommendation engine that combines product analytics and automated machine learning that allow you to deliver one-on-one personalisation automatically.

Amplitude Experiment

A/B test experiments determine which version leaves a maximum impact on conversions, traffics and drives business metrics. This will allow you to find the right approach to grow your business and create a nicer user experience and functionality with end-to-end workflow.

Data Management

Data Management

Implementing analytics tracking can help you to consider the long term consequences of your decision and minimize potential risk. Amplitude help to gather your data and make it available for others in your organization. This will help you to amplify your team with relevant and reliable data.

Technology Integrations

Amplitude can easily integrate into hundreds of SaaS platforms, data warehouses and cloud apps.


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