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Smart Overlays That Drive Database Growth

We know what you’re thinking - pop-ups are annoying. That’s because most plugins interrupt at the wrong time, refuse to close or appear on every single page - making your customers run for the hills. But it’s different with Bye-IQ.

  • Capture Visitors When They Want To Act

    Bye-IQ goes beyond exit intent and analyses when your visitor is most likely to act to capture them at the right moment - without interrupting their experience.

  • Know Your Customers. Send Better Campaigns. Sell More.

    Get X-ray vision into your customers’ browsing patterns and data to send dynamic welcome campaigns that nudge them to buy their favourite products.

  • Completely Customisable Design

    Our customisable overlays will make your website look like a million bucks, while delivering outstanding results.


Maximise Revenue From Every Campaign Easily - Using AI

Attention is money. When you don’t get your subscriber’s attention, your emails stop getting opened, read and clicked. If you have been wondering why your email metrics are declining and don’t quite know what to do about it, this one is for you.

  • Optimise Every Campaign For Performance - With Zero Hassle

    Hi-IQ understands how every subscriber engages with your content using predictive AI and historic data. Every time you send a campaign, Hi-IQ hyper-targets subscribers who are most likely to engage with you on that day (with 99% accuracy) - so that you get better results than ever.

  • Reduce Subscriber Fatigue + Skyrocket Revenue Per Subscriber

    Hi-IQ uses subscriber-level intelligence to understand the right frequency at which every user wants to hear from you - so that they’re eager to receive your emails for months and years.

  • Optimise Spend On Email Marketing

    Hi-IQ keeps your database clean by regularly weeding out subscribers who will never engage with you again, reducing your email spend and improving your ROI.

  • Get Better Results Over Time

    Our intelligent, AI-based algorithm continues to “learn” how your subscribers behave - so that your results keep getting better over time.


Increase Conversions With Behavioural Automation

Are you missing out on 20% extra revenue every month due to unwanted web behaviours, like cart abandonment? Your solution to reverse the trend is here.

  • Turn Purchase Intent Into Revenue

    Retry-IQ tracks your users’ web behaviour and sends automated email campaigns to tempt them to make a purchase on your website.

  • Drive Incremental Revenue Growth

    Get 10-20% more revenue by ensuring that you capture more carts and convert more sales - without having to think about it.

  • Encourage Repeat Purchases With Automated CRM

    Retry-IQ encourages your subscribers to become regular customers by sending them campaigns based on their interests and browsing behaviour.

  • Sophisticated Rules Made Easy

    Retry-IQ tracks and syncs user behaviour across email, web and mobile web, and ensures that your customers get the highest ROI emails every time.

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